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Scanning Service Introduction: Three Services to Choose From

Our scan service comes in three varieties to better serve your unique needs. If you have thousands of family snapshots please look into our Silver processing for Families. Our Silver scanning offers the best value for your money and includes free image enhancements. For those most important snapshots our Gold scanning service offers time consuming corrections for superior results. If you're a professional photographer in need of cost effective scans that are ready to edit our Bronze service may be for you. Please click one of the three service levels below to learn more.


Click a Service Below to Learn More About our Three Service Levels

Scanning Services for Family History Preservation Scanning Services for Special Snapshots Scanning Services for Professional Photographers
Silver Scans offer the best value for your money. They're perfect for Family Photos and for Preserving the Family History   Gold Scans are great for those most important photos.   Bronze Scans are meant for professionals. We leave the color correction and optimization up to you because you know what suits you best.
Silver Scanning for Family Slides, Negatives, and Photo Albums Learn More About Scanning Services for Families and Consumers   Gold Scanning Services for Special Snapshots Learn More about Scanning Special Snapshots with our Gold Scanning Services     Bronze Scanning Services for Pro Photographers Learn More about Scanning Services for Professional Photographers


Three Examples of People who used different Scanning Service Options

Silver Scanning for Family Photos, Slides, and Negatives

Jennifer and Mike are in their mid 50’s, have been happily married for almost 25 years, have 3 wonderful children who are grown and have taken an interest in the family history, photo albums, and old slide collection. Mike and Jennifer want to preserve the family photos and old slides and make them all available to the entire family. They have thousands of snapshots dating back to the 50’s of their parents, their wedding, the kids growing up, and now the grand kids. Jennifer and Mike are proficient enough with the computer but they don’t care to tackle this project themselves and want a solution that will cost effectively give them digital images from their shoe boxes and carousels that are ready to use, share, print, email, upload, and preserve. Mike and Jennifer choose to use our Silver processing because this solution best met their needs, while offering the best value for their money. They ordered extra copies of their disks and distributed them to their children. They now have the family history backed up and in digital form. They no longer need to worry about a disaster, and have laughed and cried while reliving their lives digitally.

Silver Scanning Service for Family Photos and ConsumersLearn More About - Scanning Services for Family Slides, Negatives, Photos, Prints, and Photo AlbumsGet Started by Placing Your Scanning Order Today!
Gold Scanning Services for Special Snapshots
Steve and Linda are in their early 30’s. Their life together has just started. They were married last year and have just had their first child, Steve Jr. They have some negatives of their gorgeous wedding, and some classic shots of little Stevie's toothless grin. This select group of photos and negatives is one of their prize possessions and they wanted to do something special with them. They opted to use our Gold scanning service with this smaller group of images because they wanted the best possible digital images. They plan to order large reprints of a few of the scans. Steve plans to surprise Linda on their next anniversary with a custom photo book he’s secretly working on. Our Gold scanning service better served their needs because it provided superior results. The extra costs were worth the benefit with their prized photos. They’re planning to use our Silver service to transfer the thousands of photos their parents have in albums but for this select group of photos the Gold service was a must have.
Gold Scanning for Special SnapshotsLearn More about Scanning Services for Special Snapshots, Preserve your Slides, Negatives, Photos, and Photo AlbumsGet Started with your Scanning order Now!
Bronze Scanning Services for Professional Photographers

Charles is a more of a shutterbug. He’s been interested in photography almost all of his life. He’s a professional landscape photographer who occasionally shows some of his more abstract work at a gallery downtown. He recently upgraded to a high end Nikon digital SLR and quit using his favorite Fujichrome Velvia slide film. Now that he’s proficient with Photoshop he’s been enjoying the benefits of digital photography by editing the RAW files from his Nikon SLR. He wanted the ability to do the same thing with all the old slides he has on file but he didn't want to invest $2,500.00 on his own Nikon Coolscan 9000 scanner. He decided to use our Bronze scanning service to get his best slides and some medium format shots into digital form. He’s been sending us his slides and film in batches as he gets time. He chose our Bronze service because we could provide him with un-edited, dust and scratch free, scans at 4,000ppi for a small fee. He knew that the files we provided him would be uncompressed TIFF files, and that there would be no cropping, rotation, or color correction performed on them. He’s been doing this himself because he wanted to fine tune things for his very specific needs. Bronze scans serve the needs of someone like Charles well, but are not well suited for Jennifer and Mike, or Steve and Linda because Bronze scans require editing before they’re ready to use.

Bronze Scanning Services for Professional PhotographersLearn More About - Scanning Services for Professional Photographers with 35 mm Slides, Negatives, 120, 220, and Medium Format FilmGet Started with Your Scanning Order Today!


Why They All Chose Us: Why Digital Memories?

Preserving your Memories is an Important Investment

Jennifer and Mike value their family’s memories and didn’t feel comfortable with lower cost providers because most bring costs down by outsourcing labor to places like India, or Costa Rica, sending your valuables 35,000 feet over the Pacific and through customs numerous times. When you choose us you can rest assured that your photos, slides, and negatives never leave our facility here in Central Ohio.

Steve and Linda liked the fact that we’re a small family owned business and felt comfortable with us because they called our 800 number and spoke to John numerous times. They also liked the fact that we’re not the new kid on the block. Steve knew that some other scanning companies have only been in business for a few months, some less than a year, and most less than a year and half. We pioneered many of the standards used in this industry. We’ve been working with clients like yourself since 2002. Customer satisfaction is key to our business because every customer counts. We’re not a large venture funded operation like some others.

Charles knew that we market primarily to consumers and felt a bit funny using a company called “Digital Memories” to do work on pro quality slides. However he knew that we used high end equipment he was thinking of purchasing himself and figured he would give us a try before getting his own high end scanner. After placing a small order to check us out he’s been a regular customer for over a year. He’s thrilled because he saved some money by not buying his own Nikon scanner, and even more thrilled because he didn’t have to spend countless hours scanning his slides himself. Learn more about us by clicking here - About Digital Memories.

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