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Digital Photo Benefits: Why Digitize Slides, Prints, & Negatives with our Scanning Services?

Our lives are filled with journeys, not only geographic but with cherished emotional experiences. Life is simply a journey we take, and our photographic history chronicles that journey.

You may be surprised to learn that those cherished photos stuffed away in that shoe box in the closet are beginning to fade away. Unfortunately photo prints, slides, and negatives are not permanent. Even the most reliable storage methods cannot prevent your traditional photos, slides, and negatives from aging, and eventual fading and discoloration. If you could relive your wedding day with the click of a mouse, would you? If you could preserve your baby's toothless grin forever, would you? Our scanning services make these things possible! Click here to learn more about how our services can convert your old media into digital format.

DIGITAL IN A NUTSHELL: Going digital with our services puts the digital world at your fingertips. We've put together a powerful set of services that you'll be sure to appreciate. Your photos will be preserved in an organized fashion. It's easy to find the photo you're looking for with our professionally printed contact sheets, or choose from our software offering to organize your photos by date, occasion, or person. Sharing pictures with family and friends has never been easier. We can set you up with leading photo sharing and online backup web sites. We'll even upload your photos for you! We've put together a processing option that's sure to please consumers with family photos, professional photographers, and even the penny pincher. Please read on to learn more about the benefits of digital images.

PRESERVE: Our scanning and archiving services provide a means to preserve those precious memories with permanence in digital form. Digital images do not fade, discolor, get scratched, or torn. Neither are they adversely effected by acids or materials present in papers & plastics. Digital images can be reproduced or copied from one medium to another with no loss of quality or change to the original. Do digital images last forever? If cared for properly it is possible to ensure that your photo collection can weather the ages in perfect form. While digital storage mediums, CDs Hard-Disks or any other medium, do not last forever, the images stored on these devices can be moved to new media with no loss of quality, ensuring that your digital images can be passed down from generation to generation in perfect condition. Universities, museums, and libraries typically archive important information to high quality CD-Rs, keep two copies at different locations, and at intervals based on CD-R's life span check the disks to ensure they are in working order. At the first sign of data loss the information stored on the disks would be copied to a new medium, whatever is the standard at that time, then the process will be repeated. We use Mitsui Archival Quality CD-R media that is estimated to last up to 300 years. Mitsui CD-Rs provide longevity and durability far in excess of conventional CD-R media.

ORGANIZE: Never dig through piles of photos again! It's easy to find the picture you're looking for when your photos are in digital format. We'll organize your collection as you see fit. Our contact sheets make finding that perfect shot a piece of cake. Today's software will let you view all your photos with ease. You can even categorize your new digital photos by date, year, month, person, or event. Finding a group of photos only takes a few clicks with Adobe® Photoshop® Album.

SHARE: Access your photos anywhere that has Internet access! Sharing the family photo album is a reality with our services. If you wish, we'll set you up with one of the worlds top cloud storage and online bckup and sharing services and even upload your new digital pictures for you. If you live in New York and your brother or sister lives in L. A. no need to worry. You'll both be able to view, edit, e-mail, and share pictures over the Internet. Let us use our high speed connection to get you set up. Click here to learn more about the peace of mind cloud storage and a secure online backup provides.

EDIT: Like to scrapbook? or get creative? Be the master of your personal digital darkroom. Digital Photos are easy to edit and be creative with. Make flaws magically disappear, remove a distracting object, or paint your grandfathers face on Mt. Rushmore with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements. The only limit is your imagination.

OUR PROCESSING OPTIONS: If you're in charge of the family's photographic history, a professional photographer, or even a beginner who knows little about photography, no problem. We've set up three processing options that are sure to meet your needs without breaking the bank. We can provide you with print ready scans that are color corrected, dust & scratch free,cropped & rotated, red-eye reduced, and sharpened. If you're on a budget or simply want to optimize your pictures yourself we'll provide you with the raw image data you need. If you're a professional in need of 4,000ppi high bit scans we've got you covered. Please take a few minutes and learn more about our scanning service by clicking here.

Scanning Services: Slide & negative scans come in three varieties; Silver scanning, Gold scanning, and Pro scanning. Print and photo scans come in two flavors; Silver photo scanning, and Gold scanning. Click a link to learn more about our scanning services.
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