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JPEG DVD Players & Low Resolution Disks


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View Your New Digital Photos on Your TV! Along with your high resolution files we can provide you with reduced resolution disks that are great for viewing on JPEG DVD Players and E-Mail use. Your high resolution scans are perfect for archiving, printing, or editing but may be too large for E-Mail use, and cumbersome when used in a JPEG DVD Player.

We offer two ways for you to view your images on your Television using a DVD player. We can create a DVD Video of your photos with music and transitions or you may use one of our "Reduced Resolution Disks" with your JPEG compatible DVD Player. The chart below explains the differences between the two options.

Works with almost all DVD Players. Some older players do not support the DVD-R format.
Your DVD Player must be JPEG compatible.
DVD Video: A movie like you might rent.
JPEG Files saved to CD on a "Reduced Resolution Disk". Optimized for viewing on a television and for email.
You may add music to your video.
No Music.
Yes, our DVD Videos have dissolve or fade transitions between each photo.
No, although some DVD Players will add transitions for you. Please refer to your DVD Players documentation.

OK, So What is a Reduced Resolution Disk? Our reduced resolution disks are CD-Roms with your scanned images saved as JPEG files. The JPEG files on these disks are optimized for viewing on your Television and for use in E-Mail messages. Your high resolution scans are optimized for archiving, printing, and editing, and are very large in size. Most JPEG DVD Players have trouble with large files. Also, E-Mailing large files causes problems for most people.

Computer Monitor & Television Resolutions:
A Typical 19 inch Computer Monitor is set to a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels.
A Standard NTSC Television can display 720x480 pixels.
An HDTV can display a maximum of 1280x1024 pixels.

The JPEG files on your "Reduced Resolution Disk" are optimized for the resolutions above and will be no greater than 1280 pixels in width and no greater than 1024 pixels in height. This keeps your JPEG DVD Player from having to resize a large image before it displays on your television and keeps file sizes suitable for E-Mail usage.


Pricing for Reduced Resolution Disks:

Scanning Price + $10.00 per 1,000 Images
Example: If you have 100 photos being scanned your "Reduced Resolution Disk" would be $10.00. If you have 5,000 photos to be scanned "Reduced Resolution Disks" would cost you $50.00.
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